Postcard Design

Postcard_hilton_camrie.jpgI must admit I was a bit nervous about this assignment since it took me so long to get adjusted the first time around but I was fortunately surprised at how swiftly I geared through it. I missed class the day my professor guided us through this assignment therefore I was forced to go through the directions alone and figure out what I was suppose to do. To my surprise, this worked out really well for me. I was able to fully comprehend each procedure instructed. In addition I was able to retain a lot more of the knowledge I was learning. Color altering seemed to be the main focus of this assignment. This concept was applied to both the image and body of text. I believe the process of reading, comprehending and then executing on my own, was a great teacher for me. I also thought this assignment was very cool and would be useful in the near future. After considering my professors suggestions i was able t go back and change the eyes on my worms and double check for spelling.




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