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Adding widgets to my cite was a bit overwhelming for me. I got lost with this step, I believe it was because I got so caught up with customizing. However I enjoyed learning about this additional feature we have as an option to make our blogs more appeasing and interesting to its audience.





Creating my header was the primary element I used to customize my blog. The InDesign software was first used to create the header and then it was imported into the blog. I decided to take three individual images and join them together as one. As I expressed in another post, the images I chose were busy and colorful. to prevent these images from visually colliding with other busy images on my blog, I experimented with occupancy a bit to tone down its features.




“Oh those darn categories.” Attaching a category to each blog is possibly the most elementary¬†instruction of this process. However its the one step I seem to over-look and have to come back and add. Though this step is the simplest, its still one of the most important. This allows your reader to easily differentiate between the subjects of your content. This addition also allows those who visit the cite to easily steer through it.