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This segment of creating my blog was most exciting for me. Here I learned to¬†choose freely yet wisely. there were several images to choose from when came time to create a header for the blog. Several images caught my eye but I seemed to be most interested in the ones that were most colorful and busy. My professor brought to my attention that though the images were great images, they contained a lot of element and color that would indeed clash with the element and colors located in my assignments. I wasn’t willing to choose another image so instead we explored my options with transparency and occupancy. This allowed me to have my fun crazy images but toned down a bit so that it was still compatible to all other components on my site. I also changed the theme and¬†color of my home page to be sure that it reflected my own personal style.



WordPress vs InDesign

Happy to say I am loving WordPress. InDesign was neat and fun but I often became lost and confused. However with WordPress the learning curve is much simpler and easy to follow. InDesign was quite complicated and required one to retain and remember several components along the way. I am grateful to have learned a bare minimum about the InDesign software for I am capable of using it now. WordPress just resulted in a equally cool creation, just without the stress and pulled out hair.